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Triathlon Life – Balance and Bliss

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~ By Sally Drake

Triathlon - Life Balance It’s 5am and you are rushing frantically to leave the house for your swim, a key workout for the week. This will put you at work just in time, unfortunately missing breakfast with the family and leave you with not quite enough sleep, but you will be able to log your workout and feel the sense of accomplishment that you live for.  Your family has kind of accepted this typical day, and will certainly understand when you have to get on your bike after dinner for a recovery spin. If you are a triathlete, this may sound familiar. If you are thinking about triathlon, then this is a sample of what life may be like. The people who enter into the world of triathlon are usually over-achievers, looking to push themselves, constantly striving to find ways to grow and do more in life. Unfortunately, this can result in a struggle for balance in life, trying to keep family happy, find time for sleep, and maintain a healthy body. All of this while setting aggressive race goals, including training, travelling, racing and recovery. The triathlete faces many challenges but if planning is done properly, the tri life can be healthy and rewarding to the athlete and his/her family. Below are some key aspects to consider when attempting to find balance.